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Spring Speakers

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Hannah Rosenwinkel

Hannah is a 2017 U of M graduate holding degrees in Supply Chain and Operations Management (BSB) and Global Studies (BA). She has multi-sector experience working in supply chain, product management, and marketing at both corporations and startups in Minnesota and Amman, Jordan including Land O'Lakes, Inc.,, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Currently, Hannah is pursuing an international career path focused on supporting social entrepreneurship work in the Middle East region.

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President Gabel

Joan Gabel is the 17th president of the University of Minnesota and under her leadership emphasizes student success, innovation, equity, and fiscal stewardship. Gabel has also advanced corporate partnerships in research, teaching, and community engagement.

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Madeline Henry

Madeleine Henry is the author of two acclaimed novels, The Love Proof and Breathe In, Cash Out. Previously, she worked at Goldman Sachs after graduating from Yale in 2014. She shares more about her life on @MadeleineHenryYoga.


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