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Unique Opportunities

Spring Semester Leadership Applications

ALL applications are due January 24th at 5:00pm CST

Corporate Relations: Creative Event Coordinator​

Looking to take your event-planning skills to a professional level? In this position you will have the opportunity to work with each of WIB's corporate sponsors to plan events and nurture relationships with the Twin Cities's top companies. These will be smaller-scale events designed to formally (or creatively!) introduce sponsors to members. Submit your application here. Please reach out to Callie Marino (marin274@umn.edu) and Lydia Weisenburger (weise183@umn.edu) with any questions.

The Volunteer Board

Each year we put together a team of WIB members to help us make an impact on the community. The Volunteer Board partners with Women's Advocates, a shelter for women and children escaping violence. You will help with child care, serving meals, making care packages, and more! Please submit your application here. If you have any questions about the application or about Women's Advocates, email Nina Lind at lindx227@umn.edu

Engagement Committee

In this position, you will work closely with a team to plan fun, relaxed, and creative events to foster deeper connections between WIB members. This committee oversees a budget to coordinate events that build WIB friendships through movie nights, ice skating, yoga, baking - you name it! Responsibilities also involve having meaningful discussions into how we can continue to make WIB a more comfortable environment to participate in. Please submit your application here. Email Callie Marino (marin274@umn.edu) and Kendra Wanke (wanke021@umn.edu) with any questions.

Data Analytics Assistant

This position was created to support our current VP of Data Analytics, Sydney, while she studies abroad. The responsibilities of this position include assisting maintaining + adding to the WIB database, tracking attendance and overall member engagement, analyzing event attendance and breakdowns, maintaining the WIB email list + unsubscribes, and more! If you like to use data to drive results, this position is great for you. Apply here. If you have any questions, email Sydney Senne (senne036@umn.edu) and Callie Marino (marin274@umn.edu).