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IMG-2003 - Isabelle Boelter.jpg

Isabelle Boelter 


Hometown: Savage, MN

Majors: Human Resources & Industrial Relations

100223cs1763 - Emily Felland.jpg

Emily Felland 


Hometown: Andover, MN

Majors: Accounting & Finance

20230520_133442_34E995 - Brianna Hintz.jpeg

Brianna Hintz


Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Majors: Marketing

IMG_1725 - Trista Hoang.jpg

Trista Hoang 


Hometown: Eagan, MN 

Majors: Finance 

FORMAL HEADHSOT - Tanishqa Chitrasen Khutwad.JPG

Tanishqa Khutwad


Hometown: Pune, India 

Majors: Undecided

5FEA550C-B9AD-4E28-AFA8-ED33B835D4F4 - Katya King.jpeg

Katya King


Hometown: Duluth, MN

Majors: Marketing

AC501A56-D778-4A7A-87D6-C5BC4C26386D - Joslyn Klitzkie.jpeg

Joslyn Klitzkie 


Hometown: Aurora, IL 

Majors: Marketing

IMG_3134 - Madeline Kogler.jpeg

Madeline Kogler


Hometown: Milwaukee, WI 

Majors: Marketing

IMG_0001 - Greta Liner.jpg

Greta Liner


Hometown: Mahtomedi, MN

Majors: Finance & Math

IMG_0013 - Jocelyn Meinholz.jpeg

Jocelyn Meinholz 


Hometown: Waunakee, WI 

Majors: Finance & Marketing

1680748971803 - Sameeksha Pomar.jpeg

Sami Pomar


Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN 

Majors: Finance & MIS

IMG_6505 - Lauren Reichert.jpeg

Lauren Reichert 


Hometown: Whitefish Bay, WI

Majors: Accounting

IMG_5115 - Jasmin Salazar.jpg

Jasmin Salazar 


Hometown: North Branch, MN

Majors: Finance 

IMG_9733 - Lauren Schuman.jpeg

Lauren Schuman 


Hometown: Rockford, MN 

Majors: Marketing

IMG_9387 - Emma Schwartz.jpg

Emma Schwartz 


Hometown: Hutchinson, MN

Majors: Marketing

2I1A5590 - Audrey Sylvester.jpg

Audrey Sylvester 


Hometown: Elmhurst, IL

Majors: Finance & International Business

IMG_1029 - Dylan White.jpeg

- Kayli Breen 
- Emma Gibson

Not Pictured:

Dylan White


Hometown: Minneapolis, MN 

Majors: Finance

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