2020-2021 Executive Board

Katelyn Tarrolly 

President (she/her/hers)

Katelyn is a junior in the Carlson School of Management majoring Marketing with a minor in Business Law. She is from St. Cloud, Minnesota. Katelyn loves to read, listen to music, go on walks, play tennis, and spend time on the lake. To her, being a part of WIB means, “being a part of an incredible community of driven and inspiring women. WIB encourages young professionals to be their authentic selves and use their unique capabilities to uplift one another. I am so grateful to be part of an organization that is helping to create a better future and a better world.” This year, Katelyn is looking forward to, “meeting a lot of new people through WIB and networking with our own members. WIB provides a great space for young women to support each other as they navigate college and early career stages, so I am looking forward to hearing about our member's experiences.”


Aspyn Arendt

VP Community Involvement (she/her/hers)

Aspyn is a sophomore in the Carlson School of Management majoring in Management Information Systems. She is from Bloomer, Wisconsin and has had the opportunity to travel to Peru and explore Machu Picchu. Aspyn enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and skiing. To her, WIB is, “a organization that supports, guides, and inspires young women to be themselves and go after their ambitious goals. It is a community of strong women that empower each other to grow both personally and professionally.” This year, Aspyn is looking forward to, “building on my leadership skills and meeting new people through WIB!”

Kami Ziebarth

VP Corporate Relations (she/her/hers)

Kami is a senior in the Carlson School of Management majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain and Operations Management with a minor in Business Analytics. She is from Becker, Minnesota and her favorite color is yellow. Kami enjoys live music, going to concerts, drawing, biking, spending time with friends, and trying out taco places. To her, WIB is, “where I found my community within Carlson. I have been able to develop personally and professionally.” This year, Kami is looking forward to getting to know more people through WIB!


Kendra Wanke

VP Philanthropy and External Relations (she/her/hers)

Kendra is a senior in the Carlson School of Management majoring in Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing. She is from Montevideo, Minnesota and is an aspiring event coordinator. She enjoys planning events, working as a barista, baking, and crafting with her cricut or sewing machine. To Kendra, WIB has always been an, “empowering space to build oneself into a great leader, networker, and an individual who has the drive and passion to pursue their biggest goals in life. I am so thankful to have such an inclusive environment where students have the opportunity to come together, form lifelong bonds, and to be consistently inspired by other women!”  Kendra is looking forward to, “ meeting new women from across the University of Minnesota and watch them become prospering leaders! As VP of Philanthropy, I'm super excited to form my committee and plan a fantastic gala!”


Natasha Schaffer

VP External Relations (she/her/hers)

Natasha is a junior in the Carlson School of Management majoring in Marketing as well as the Hubbard School of Journalism majoring in Strategic Communications. She is from Crystal Lake, Illinois and was born in Germany. Natasha enjoys reading, baking, and going for runs. To Natasha, WIB has been a place where, “I have always felt accepted and a part of something here at the U. I have been able to meet great people and been a part of some amazing projects.” This year, she is looking forward to, “connecting more student groups with WIB to bring together strong women across the U.”


Nicole Dupont

VP Finance (she/her/hers)

Nicole is a Senior in the Carlson School of Management majoring in Marketing and Finance with a minor in Sport Management. She is from Coon Rapids, Minnesota and enjoys watching sports and spending time with her family. To Nicole, WIB is, “a community of women that encourages you to become a leader and be the best you can be. You get the opportunity to learn about so many people and career paths. WIB encourages you to reach new goals and expand your horizons.” She is looking forward to expanding Women in Finance and finding new ways to expand the WIB budget this year. 


Ruth Chun

VP Marketing (she/her/hers)

Ruth is a junior in the Carlson School of Management majoring in Marketing with a minor in Business analytics and a minor in Art. Ruth is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and loves to travel. In her freetime she enjoys baking/cooking, making art, and spending time being active outdoors. To Ruth, WIB is, “an inclusive, supportive community that empowers women to help them grow and become the best they can be both professionally and personally. WIB has been a place where I have been able to grow as a leader and make life-long connections.” She is looking forward to,  “making WIB more accessible to all students at the University of Minnesota through strategic marketing efforts as well as meeting more wonderful women this year!”


Nina Lind

VP Member Development (she/her/hers)

Nina is a senior in the Carlson School of Management majoring in Marketing with a minor in Business Analytics. Nina is from Apple Valley, Minnesota and she can speak Greek and a bit of Russian. She enjoys playing tennis, dancing, gymnastics, running, and any kind of outdoor activity. To Nina, WIB is, “a great community of women who personally inspire me to work hard and push the boundaries everyday. I am so grateful to serve for an organization that helps females gain personal and professional skills to be successful in business or other career fields.” She is looking forward to bringing, “a diverse set of speakers with different careers and fields to share experiences and advice to our members.”


Kristen headshot.jpeg

Kristen Maney

Co-VP Member Engagement (she/her/hers)

Kristen is a senior in the Carlson School of Management majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management. Kristen is from Chanhassen, Minnesota, but has lived in four different states. She loves to travel, try new foods, spend time with friends and family, volunteer, and the outdoors. To Kristen, WIB has, “provided me with great friends, amazing networking opportunities, and a safe place to grow! I am surrounded by supportive and brilliant women in this organization.” She is looking forward to, “reaching new people across campus this next semester. I am honored to represent WIB and cannot wait to attend member meetings, networking events, volunteer events, and more!”


Lauren Boike

Co-VP Member Engagement (she/her/hers)

Lauren is a junior in the College of Education and Human Development majoring in Marketing as well as the College of Liberal Arts majoring in Psychology. She is from Eagan, Minnesota and has been playing soccer since she was in kindergarten. Lauren loves to stay active by working out or walking her dog, bingeing comedies on Netflix, watching the bachelor with friends, and baking anything with chocolate in it. To her, WIB is, “a great way to meet and connect with other women in the business field. It has helped me build my professional experience, but it has also given me many opportunities to build personal relationships with others. It's a great community to learn from others and to make the U smaller!” This year, Lauren is looking forward to connecting to new members and to creating new events for WIB.


Anushka Angamuthu

VP Data Analytics (she/her/hers)

Anushka is a junior in the College of Science and Engineering majoring in Computer Science. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and has always wanted to visit Chefchaouen, Morocco and the ruins of Petra in Jordan. Anushka enjoys playing the violin, reading, playing volleyball, traveling, tutoring, and volunteering at STEM camps for kids. To her, WIB is a, “supportive and inclusive community that connects, empowers, & inspires the next generation of female leaders. Through WIB, I have had the opportunity to meet so many strong women who motivate me to work hard, push me to step outside my comfort zone, and stand up for the things I am passionate about. From the WIB community, I am continuously learning how to be a better person and a stronger leader.” This year, Anushka is looking forward to meeting new WIB members and the annual WIB charity gala!


Christina Drown

VP Networking (she/her/hers)

Christina is a sophomore in the Carlson School of Management majoring in Marketing with a minor in Supply Chain. She is from Alexandria, Minnesota and loves to shop for shoes. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time on the lake, baking macarons, and hanging out with her three older sisters. To Christina, WIB is a place where, “women can share interests with each other and expand their connections on campus as well as in the business world. WIB is a support system that empowers and inspires women and helps them to be successful in whatever area their career takes them.” This year, Christina is looking forward to, “attending all the fun events WIB puts on and growing our club to even more members!”